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In one word, I would sum up our son’s experience at Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy) as transformative. He began in the one-on-one program and, through a very individualized approach, is thriving in the classroom. He participated in student council and we are now having discussions about the possibility of going to college. That is quite a turn-around in two years. I would say the proof is in the results and I don’t think we could have asked for more. Our child becomes more self-confident, more self-motivated, and more self-controlled with every passing week.

– Cannon T., parent

Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy) has proven to be one of the best choices we’ve ever made for my high school daughter. She benefits greatly from the personal attention that she gets academically, as well as emotionally. The environment is very kind and caring. I continue to be amazed at how well students of all ages interact with each other.

– Cheryl O., parent

We are continually amazed at how individualized the learning structure is at Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy). They look at every student as an individual with unique talents, gifts, and challenges. Other schools we have attended require the students to fit into their standardized formula, never truly meeting the child where they are in their individual development. Because Ignite Achievement Academy looks at the whole child, we feel we now have a support system not only for our son’s academic growth but also his social and personal development as well. If academic changes need to be made to better serve the child, the staff at IAA recognizes them quickly and makes adjustments seamlessly. There is no “one size fits all” approach at IAA.

– Parent

Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy) has a very warm yet structured feel, something that was very important to us when searching for the appropriate school environment for our son. We believe this comes from the top and is felt by the children. It is a wonderful environment for children who need a nurturing, understanding, and academically suitable environment

– Ignite Achievement Academy Parent

Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy) has changed our life. We are amazed at the personalized attention and the individualized program our son is receiving. The one-on-one instruction has been the key to helping him transition back into a more traditional school environment from homeschooling. The structure that this program provides has created the optimal learning environment for him to thrive. It is wonderful to see our child gaining skills and confidence in a manner that is designed specifically to capitalize on his strengths while supporting him in the areas that are a struggle.

– Parent

Our son started at IAA during the middle school years. The small class size and individualized instruction have created a positive learning experience. He likes going to school now

– Annette and Ed, Parents

I am thrilled that we found Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy). Previously, my son had a miserable year in the sixth grade in the local public school where he was given a low D in math – his favorite subject and his strength. At IAA, he has blossomed. With the social pressures off, a learning plan that is tailored to him, and an environment where EVERY teacher is patient, caring, and attentive, he has become a stronger and more confident student in all subjects, and once again he says he loves math!

– Polly O., parent

I consider my family extremely lucky to have found Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy) and its wonderful staff. There is a sense of calm and comfort that my son has now. It is a special school where all the kids support each other despite their vast differences. Ignite Achievement Academy is teaching him what he needs to be successful in his future.

– Courtney P., parent

Our son has attended Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy) for two years. He attended two other schools in the Charlotte area before attending Ignite. He needs the one-on-one attention, small classroom, and calm environment Ignite provides. The Manus staff is wonderful in many ways. They are truly concerned about his well-being, educationally, emotionally and physically. We feel confident his academics are up to par with competing institutions, and remain pleased with his progress. He always looks forward to school after Christmas and summer breaks. Every time I drop him off at school, I am relieved that he is happy and safe at Ignite. I have attended many school functions and there is a common theme during every visit among the students: Ignite is a truly stable environment that provides quality education.

– Elizabeth C., parent

Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy) is helpful by accommodating my personal academic needs. The teachers are patient and supportive through their guidance. My positive experience at Ignite has been beneficial for me and has helped me become a confident student.

– N.L., student

Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy) has bettered my academic experience by allowing me to do all my studies at my own pace. Ignite is an extremely welcoming environment for anyone and I am really excelling with the help of my teachers and peers.

– Olivia D., student

We’re absolutely thrilled with our son’s grades this year! He thanks me often for having made the decision for him to attend Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy). He says, “It’s changed my life!”! Mother’s intuition may have known that a big change was needed, but, it’s the quality of teachers and the right environment that’s allowed him to thrive . . . The biggest factor that contributed to his success came from the building of momentum from one successful victory to another and over things that once seemed impossible. So, it’s my turn to say “Thank you” to you and the wonderful teachers at Ignite for the tremendous part that you’ve all played in my son’s life.

– S.M., parent

I visited Ignite Achievement Academy (formerly named Manus Academy) during a time of desperation. My son’s stress was affecting all areas of his life – he was suffering from headaches and could not absorb anything being taught at school.

I realized we needed to get him help. We researched several schools before taking a tour of Ignite Achievement Academy. As we went from one class to the next, I was drawn to the warm environment, low student-teacher ratio and the standards of excellence the teachers expected from their students.

Since my son has been at Ignite Achievement Academy, he can now do homework by himself. Because Ignite works so intensively with my child during the school day, he has a full understanding of the homework assignment. His confidence has soared, his social skills have improved and his communication skills have improved immensely!

Having my son at Ignite Achievement Academy gives him a chance to better himself and I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel.

– B. & W.H., parents


Testimonials for our after-school tutoring and home-school consultations:

Not too long ago, my daughter was failing math. Because her tutor tailors her instruction to my daughter’s specific learning needs, she is now making a B!

– Janet D., parent of tutorial student

Ignite Achievement Academy’s well-written curriculum and nurturing staff have helped my child thrive in school.

– Cindy T., parent of tutorial student