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Enrollment Fee: $250
Yearly tuition: $26,500

NC Tuition Scholarships

North Carolina offers multiple scholarships to students with special needs that can be utilized to fully cover the cost of tuition or to greatly offset the cost. Click here to learn more. 


IAA offers payment plans ranging from one single payment, to monthly payments spread over the school year. Semesterly payment options are available to students receiving scholarships from the state of NC in order to align with the distribution dates.

All Ignite Achievement Academy parents have the ability to select the number of payments they desire to make during the school year in order to pay their child(ren)’s tuition. Other payment plan options allow for monthly payments July – March of each school year. 

All payments are made electronically from a checking or savings account on the first day of each month. Payers can also elect to pay on FACTS utilizing a credit card (plus a 2.85% transaction fee).

Parents/payers can log into FACTS to view their account, make selections, or change their payment type or payment date here.

Have a question about FACTS or your payment account? Please contact FACTS customer service at (866) 441-4637.

School financial questions should be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..