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best school for autismAs young children enter and move through the school years, their behaviors adapt and change to new environments and responsibilities. For kids with autism spectrum disorder, communicating, setting good habits and behaviors, and learning in a school setting can be especially trying. 

With so much time spent on education in a child's early life, it is essential to know your child's teachers understand the issue and can help address these special needs in the classroom setting.

Best Schools in Charlotte, NC for Autism

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the K–12 Ignite Achievement Academy focuses on helping kids with learning barriers. These barriers typically include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, language disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Our mission at Ignite Achievement Academy - Charlotte, NC is to help students with learning barriers and special needs, including autism and ADHD, achieve academic and social success. Our school fulfills this mission through four services:

  • Admissions: From the start, we begin the vital step of getting to know your child and their requirements. We look at past school records, meet face-to-face, and can schedule ‘shadow days’ to determine if Ignite Academy is the right fit for your child. 
  • Curriculum: Our educators have access to tools and resources to develop and implement tailored curricula for our students. Providing each student with the appropriate teaching in the proper setting and with the right level of intensity.
  • Ignite Academy: At IAA, we give students the instruction they need to develop the fundamental academic abilities required to successfully complete their coursework, address issues, and fulfill the social and academic expectations of their learning environment. Years of educational research combined with internal testing are implemented with small class sizes.
  • Tutoring: Learning doesn’t end in the classroom. We offer after school programs to our own students and those from other schools who have special needs and need individualized education in fundamental concepts, particular disciplines, or homework and study techniques.

Ignite Achievement Academy

Through compassionate, structured teaching practices and support for the whole child, students receive the skills and support needed to thrive. At IAA, we equip students with training to build essential academic skills to successfully complete coursework, solve problems, and meet the academic and social demands of their school environment.

Our goals with students are to:

  • Improve their ability to learn academic skills and subjects;
  • Help them solve problems;
  • Help them make friends and function well in a school environment; and
  • Help them feel productive, competent, and happy.

Most importantly, we maintain a school atmosphere where everyone supports each other and accepts and appreciates individual differences. 

If you live in the Charlotte area and your child has autism, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, or another developmental disability and has been having difficulties in traditional classroom settings, contact us to schedule a tour. We would love to meet you and learn more about how we can work together to help your student succeed.

Here at Ignite, we IGNITE student learning, IGNITE their passions and interests, and IGNITE their future!