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Manus Academy Is Now Ignite Achievement Academy

Manus Academy Is Now Ignite Achievement Academy

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Manus Academy is now Ignite Achievement Academy; however, our commitment to helping students with special needs thrive remains the core of our mission. In this article, we are discussing what you can count on from the team at Ignite Achievement Academy.


The Mission of Ignite Achievement Academy

The K–12 Ignite Achievement Academy focuses on helping kids with learning barriers. These barriers typically include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, language disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Our mission at Ignite Achievement Academy - Charlotte, NC is to help students with learning barriers and special needs, including autism and ADHD, achieve academic and social success. Our school fulfills this mission through four services:

Ignite Academy

We utilize a four-step process to ensure fully tailored education, and we offer a welcoming learning environment where each student feels comfortable and supported. 

At IAA, we give students the instruction they need to develop the fundamental academic abilities required to successfully complete their coursework, address issues, and fulfill the social and academic expectations of their learning environment.

Years of educational research have been used as the foundation for our methods and strategies. These techniques have also gone through extensive internal testing and are continually being upgraded and improved. The end result is an effective educational program where each child is motivated to study and succeed.

Ignite Tutoring

Our after-school tutoring program includes children from different schools. We offer individualized education in fundamental concepts, particular disciplines, and homework and study techniques. We assist children from both public and private schools who require assistance with a variety of skills and courses in our after-school tutoring program.

Our tutoring hours are typically from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.; however, we also see some students earlier in the day. 

Ignite Curriculums

We provide teachers working with students who have particular needs access to our academic procedures and curricula. This aids educators in providing each student with the appropriate teaching in the proper setting and with the appropriate level of intensity. 


Schedule a meeting with us to find out if Ignite Achievement Academy is the right place for your child. We begin the vital step of getting to know your child and his or her requirements throughout the admissions process. To do this, we have a meeting with the parents to decide whether Ignite Achievement Academy is the right place for your child.

The Admissions Process Includes:

  1. Scheduling a parent meeting with the school
  2. Submitting an admissions application
  3. IAA will request records from the child’s previous school(s)
  4. Arranging a possible ‘shadow day’ for the child.
  5. Administering a placement assessment and determining the instructional plan.

These four services help us fulfill our mission, develop essential academic and practical skills in children, and serve our community. 

Is Ignite Achievement Academy the Right Solution for Your Child?

Some kids struggle to read, write, spell, or perform math because of learning barriers. Other students face obstacles that make it difficult for them to regulate their emotions and attention. Many of our students encounter multiple barriers that make the school day challenging. 

They are vulnerable in settings of traditional education because of their additional difficulties.

We have about sixty students enrolled in our school. There are around six students per classroom, with a teacher and a teacher's assistant who work one-on-one with students in the classroom and in other rooms for a portion of the day. 

However, some students come to our school in a one-on-one situation and meet with tutors one-on-one for three or more hours every day. Some students work with both one of our tutors and their homeschooling parents. Other students engage with a tutor at our school on other certified coursework while completing their online courses at home.

Our students either continue their education at four-year institutions, go to community colleges, or pursue specialized training to enter the workforce when they graduate from the 12th grade. 

Other students, however, make use of the services provided by Vocational Rehabilitation, a government-sponsored institution that assists individuals in receiving training and then finding the occupations most suitable for them.

Find Out More About Ignite Achievement Academy

If you think Ignite might indeed be the right solution for your child and family, we would love to answer your questions and get to know you better. Reach out to our team for more information and to schedule a visit to IAA.