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Individualized Curriculum

Our mission at Ignite Achievement Academy is to provide educators with the means to significantly improve the skill achievement of students with academic barriers through the use of a variety of educational materials and curriculums. Every child receives an individualized academic plan that outlines the curriculum that will be used throughout the year for the individual child. This helps teachers deliver the right instruction to every student using the right environment and the correct intensity.

Each set of curricula that covers a given skill comes with a teacher-training manual and a series of student practice packs and homework packs. These materials show you how to:

  • Determine the student’s current achievement in different skills.
  • Determine the reasons for the student’s skill delays, if any.
  • Develop then deliver the student’s customized instructional plan.
  • Measure and report progress and adjust the plan as needed.

At Ignite Achievement Academy, our teaching approaches are in a continuous state of improvement during which we research, analyze and adjust our instruction and curricula to facilitate student learning. The outgrowth of this disciplined process is an instructional approach and set of teaching materials that maximize student achievement, which we would like to share with you.

Math Curriculum

IAA uses math curriculum developed by Manus Curriculums© to teach foundational mathematics skills all the way through a variety of high school leveled math curriculum that prepares students for college and university. This curriculum provides structured teaching methods and assessment to ensure every child is gaining new skills and confidencce in math. 

English Language Arts Curriculum

IAA uses Language Arts curriculum developed by Manus Curriculums© to appropriately teach and assess students in the areas of grammar, writing, spelling, reading, fluency, phonics, and more. Individual students will receive additional curriculum supplements, as determined by the teacher and the student's academic plan, to ensure appropriate progress is made. Teaching Assistants work one on one with students to provide additional reading and writing practice in alignment with the student's academic plan.

Science Curriculum

A number of science curriculums are utilized to engage and excite students at various academic levels and ages as they dive into physical, earth, and life sciences. All curriculums use a phenomena-based approach, in alignment with Next Generation Science Standards, to encourage students to discover connections to the 'real world', ask interest based questions, and make sense of the observable world. 

Specific science curriculums include Mystery Science© by Discovery Education, McGraw Hill©, the Attainment Company©, and STAR Autism©. 

Social Studies/History Curriculum

Similar to Science, IAA utilizes a number of curricular programs to meet the varying academic needs and age-appropriate learning of students. Topics covered include community & citizenship, World Geography, World History, American History, and Civics & Economics. 

Specific history & social studies curriculums include McGraw Hill©, the Attainment Company©, and STAR Autism©.