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Ignite Achievement Academy specializes in working with students in grades K-12 with learning barriers. These barriers often include learning disabilities, language disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Through compassionate, structured teaching practices and support for the whole-child, students receive the skills and support needed to thrive.

At IAA, we equip students with training to build essential academic skills to successfully complete coursework, solve problems, and meet the academic and social demands of their school environment.

Teachers and administrators utilize a variety of data and assessment tools, including the school-developed academic plan, through which we are able to customize learning for every student’s academic, social, and environmental needs.

Our methods and materials are based on decades of educational research that support maximized student learning. These methods have been further subjected to rigorous in-house testing and are continuously improved and updated. The result is a strong educational program where learning and success is ignited for every child.

Here at Ignite, we IGNITE student learning, IGNITE their passions and interests, and IGNITE their future!

About Ignite Achievement Academy

Ignite Achievement Academy is a private school accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and its parent company, COGNIA (formerly AdvancED).